Description of the painting by Dmitry Levitsky “Portrait of Dyakova”

Description of the painting by Dmitry Levitsky “Portrait of Dyakova”

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“Portrait of Dyakova” is one of many portraits of Levitsky. Neglecting means of expressiveness such as background, elaborate clothes, or symbolic objects that give the picture a second or even a third semantic layer, he found the differences of the models in a barely noticeable turn of the head, in the inclination of the shoulder, in a smile or a serious look.

Putting man at the forefront of his work, he walked away from the man, doing everything to show his personality, his soul, using the mean set of expressive means to which he limited himself.

Dyakova was from a large family, fond of art. Her lively mind, education, beauty and cheerfulness attracted people to her. Poets dedicated poetry to her, artists painted her portraits. The story of her marriage is touching. Her husband was poor and her parents did not want to have such a son-in-law. Upon learning of this, the young married secretly and for a long time did not talk about it with their relatives. The deception was revealed only after a few years, and the parents, actually confronted with the fact, were forced to give their blessing.

The picture Dyakova depicted as it was in life. Her hair, pulled in a ponytail, curls slightly. Bright eyes look a little to the side, lips are touched by a slight smile. She is dressed simply, in a light dress, and her whole image expresses lightness, the ability to perceive life as an intricate game, fun and liveliness. She seemed to be ready to break away right now, run away to the garden, start dancing or singing. Her house (she and her husband had five children) has always been the center of the cultural life of St. Petersburg.

Judging by how pleasant Dyakova looks in the portrait, each guest in her living room was nice and comfortable. No one was forgotten. No one felt lost. Being able to engage in conversation, entertain, make laugh, Dyakova attracted people - including the unsociable - like a magnet or a shining warm sun.

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