Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Agni Yoga”

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Agni Yoga”

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Agni Yoga is a teaching that combines the features of Eastern teachings with some features of purely Western teachings; it is also called the Living Ethics. It was created by Roerich’s wife, he himself participated in the creation, helped to write a book, and the painting “Agni Yoga” expresses what this teaching was for the artist. And it was a light in the darkness, a guiding light in a raging menacing world.

The painting depicts mountains - Roerich's favorite motif, which all his life sang precisely them, the search for Shambhala and the eternal, eternal beauty. The sky above them is iridescent, from yellow to dark blue, a sharp peak scratches its top, but cannot break. A woman stands on a lonely rock ascended above the world (Roerich's wife, Elena, which is quite symbolic) served as a model for her.

She wears an oriental type of clothing, flowing to the very toes, her hair is cut into a high hairstyle that evokes memories of Japan or China. One hand - the right one, and therefore truth in it - she holds outstretched in front of her, and above the open palm burns a white fire, the flame of Knowledge and the Higher Meaning.

The painting is written so that a woman is similar to a guiding star or a lighthouse, lonely frozen on a rock. Everything around her is executed in cold tones, blue, gray, purple, and she herself is the same - cold, detached, and even the flame in her hand is not scarlet or yellow, but white. It can illuminate, but it cannot warm, and is not the truth really - it will not give life to warmth, it will only illuminate it and indicate where to go next. Only a thin strip of yellow on the horizon, rapidly darkening in the sky above, seems to be a hope for a dawn that will come sooner or later.

A woman stands in a cold, muddy, dreary world, and together with a white flame above her palm, a shining sun is preparing to rise above the world, which will illuminate and warm it with the light of the Highest Truth.

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