Description of Victor Popkov's painting “Autumn Rains”

Description of Victor Popkov's painting “Autumn Rains”

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We see Pushkin, who is looking into the distance and thinking deeply about something. Before us is a sad picture of autumn. The poet leaned on the column. What is he thinking about? What causes such a sad landscape in him? We can only guess about it.

Popkov was able to incredibly lively talk about what is happening. It’s enough to take a closer look, and the canvas begins to come to life. It's raining. Trees are bent by strong gusts of wind. I immediately remember the sound of drops that hit the roof and rustle with leaves. Sounds of wind seem to be heard.

Syurtuk poet fluttering from his strong impulses. Pushkin is not going to leave at all. This bad weather does not bother him at all. It is well known that Pushkin was his favorite time. It was she who inspired him. In this uncomfortable time, he created a huge number of magnificent verses. He successfully worked, creating real masterpieces.

The artist manages to create a magnificent picture. The strokes of his brush are accurate and sure. You can feel their stinginess. The artist uses sufficiently saturated colors to represent trees. They stand in colorful fairy-tale outfits. The leaves have not yet fallen. They give us joy with their reddish-golden hues.

Popkov portrayed Pushkin, standing on the porch of his house. Its color is white-gray. It seems to be whitened by cold and rain. One feels a taut silhouette. We do not see faces and hands. It seems that Pushkin is standing a bit in the shade. The hero personifies a constant search for what can inspire. She is tense and relaxed. You might think that the poet has been standing here for a very long time and that everyone is waiting for inspiration to finally come. Perhaps he just likes to admire this beauty.

Popkov intentionally does not portray rain. This creation of the painter permeates sadness, but it is quiet and bright. Such weather allows the poet to create.

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