Description of the painting by Henri Matisse "Dance"

Description of the painting by Henri Matisse

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Matisse's work is a significant phenomenon of French art of the early twentieth century. His style was different from the classic familiar compositions. Contemporaries were dumbfounded by the novelty, the riot of colors, the power of emotions that evoked his paintings, which called the artist "wild." With a light hand, the term was attached to the artistic movement “Fauvism”, the basis of which was laid by Matisse and his associates.

Matisse perceives reality through a kaleidoscope - colorful, lively, fun, with a certain challenge. The colors of the paintings are bright, flashy, the forms are simple, but they fully convey the plasticity of movements. The canvas "Dance" and "Music" were written by order of the Russian collector S.I. Schukin. It was a splash!

In the picture “Dance” we see five female figures dancing in a round dance. No background, not a single extra detail, just a process. The sounds of music completely capture the bodies of the dancers, their grace, the bending of the bodies clearly show the dynamics.

The picture, as if alive, looking at it, as if we feel vibrations and are ready to join the dancers. It is no accident that the idea of ​​the round dance turned out to be so successful that it was repeatedly repeated by the artist, as well as picked up and interpreted by sculptures and dance directors.

Reality is portrayed by Matisse in his own way, his dancers do not have ideal forms, they seem to be from another dimension, but at the same time attractive and beautiful. The latter almost became the reason for the collector's refusal to take the order, but prudence took up over stereotypes. Female bodies are not quite proportional, hairstyles are simple, faces are not drawn, only strokes, convey emotional ecstasy.

At the same time, the dance is noble, the female round dance fascinates with naturalness, lightness - it is its colorful world, living according to the laws of rhythm. The picture is large-scale, its length is 4 meters, so looking at it, you feel the power, integrity. The painting “Dance” is the author’s desire to capture the instant of life that was completed to perfection.

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