Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “Window with violets”

Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “Window with violets”

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Zhukovsky is a famous Russian landscape painter. He also wrote still lifes, always giving preference to nature and its simple beauty, inaccessible to fussy people, constantly striving for somewhere, running, noisy and not able to stop to look around. These are his paintings. Frozen moments that anyone can notice if they slow down and turn around in time. As if grieved by the inability of nature to reach out, Zhukovsky depicts ordinary everyday moments.

It is ironic that without noticing them day after day around themselves in ordinary life, people pay money to come and take a look at the pictures. Perhaps this is because within them, nature does not seem at all as bright and festive as Zhukovsky saw and depicted it.

A “window with violets” shows the usual view from a window somewhere in the village. It itself is painted with white, slightly peeling paint. Violets grow in the box - they just bloom, the pretty blue flowers attract the eye. Having stopped at them, you do not immediately look further, but just further and the fun begins.

The grass is green, as after a recent rain. The sky seems shining, washed, it is impossible blue, bright color. White clouds crawl along it, looking like fluffy whales. They are reflected in the river, after which a rare pine forest stretches towards the sky. Judging by the kind of landscape - spring. Deciduous trees stand bare, one looks out the window, sways the branches. The trees are dark green, they can’t feel the cold, but judging by the bright green grass, summer is just around the corner.

One wants to step into a picture, climb over a low fence and, as in childhood, without thinking about anything, run away to the river to fish and swim.

It is all the more ironic that the one who lives in reality by such a festive, attractive window, most likely pours violets mechanically between work and work, and does not think at all about how beautiful the view can be found if you look outside out of necessity, but at the behest of the soul.

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