Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Three ages of a woman”

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Three ages of a woman”

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Gustav Klimt has repeatedly turned to women's topics. He was worried about the woman’s inner world, as the predecessor of the film “Three ages of a woman” - the painting “Love” - can testify to. In his unusual picture, the artist tried to touch on the widest possible subject - the psychological state of a woman in different age categories.

Klimt conditionally divided the whole life of a woman into three periods: youth, maturity and old age. The artist managed to combine the seemingly impossible - life and death, having drawn a thin connecting thread between them. Therefore, the picture in the audience evoked a variety of feelings - joy, regret, sadness and fun.

The children's figure symbolizes a carefree period in the girl’s life, when she bathes in affection and has not yet tasted the grief of a woman’s fate. The stylized image of an adult woman draws attention to her mature beauty and maternal instincts - she presses the baby (that is, herself) to her breast with care. An elderly, hunched woman is standing next to her, protruding veins on her hands indicate that she worked many days in her life on hard work.

In contrasting the two images, there is a certain symbolism - a young woman, enjoying her life, is portrayed with her head raised. The old woman, on the contrary, with her head bowed, symbolizing humility and understanding of her fate.

The society accepted the picture in different ways: someone spoke out against the erotic content of the picture (there are not many of them), and someone pointed out its absence, because the intimate zones are covered by naked bodies and unusual tissue similar to the universe. If you look closely at the picture, then there is no eroticism there, it radiates energy and light, on the one hand, and deadly breathing, on the other hand. In a word, everyone understands the picture in their own way, in principle, like all Klimt’s works.

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