Description of the painting Giorgione "Sleeping Venus"

Description of the painting Giorgione

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This painting was created by the Venetian artist Giorgione, who is known throughout the world. Shortly after the start of work on Sleeping Venus, the artist left this world. And it so happened that the picture remained unfinished. It is known that Giorgione independently managed to write Venus. But the authorship of the rock, which is located behind the woman, may not belong to the author of the picture, who died of the plague in 1510.

The finished painting was no less famous artist Titian. The latter did a great job with the landscape. His hand is credited with the written sky, the clothes on which Venus is located, and the cupid lying at the feet of the woman.

Experts have repeatedly noted that certain parts of the picture may also not belong to Giorgione and Titian. After analyzing some data, it became known about the third handwriting on the canvas.

The cupid that Titian painted did not survive. His presence became known only after exposure to the picture with infrared photography. This made it possible to claim that woman is Venus. As for the original idea of ​​the artist, it may differ from the current one. Cupid was previously armed with arrows in his hand, which made it possible to assume erotic symbols of the picture.

Similar motifs of this picture are found in poems of Rome. There, the goddess of love, as a rule, rested, surrounding herself with putti. Cupid was needed to wake the goddess. Then Venus was in a hurry to create a new family. Latin poetry has a similar plot. If you follow this version, it is possible that Giorgione painted a picture commissioned by Gerolamo Marcello, who married Pisani Morozine in 1507.

There is a version that when creating his Venus, the artist was inspired by one engraving of Polyphil. In addition, a similar pose was used by Titian.

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