Description of the painting by Fedor Tolstoy “Family Portrait”

Description of the painting by Fedor Tolstoy “Family Portrait”

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Interior painting is quite an interesting and modern direction of art. This branch interested not only the students of Venetsianov, but also other artistic geniuses. However, the painting “The Family Portrait” by the Russian artist F. Tolstoy was recognized as the real pinnacle of the interior genre of painting.

Fedor Petrovich is a famous Russian creator, a true master of his craft. Among his many works are talented sculptures, beautiful medals, artworks, paintings and portraits. In his famous work “Family Portrait”, the author was able to apply all the skills of an artist-jeweler. Despite the fact that the work is quite large, Tolstoy managed to pay attention to every detail.

Moreover, they are all done to the smallest detail, as if the artist did not draw a picture with brush strokes, but worked on it as if on a jewelry medal. All these nuances, the subtle play of color watercolors, thoughtful miniatures made his work one of the best of its kind.

The composition of the picture is quite simple and at the same time very strict, all the little things and interior details are thought out in advance by the creator. Furniture, painting, dog on the floor, color combinations of walls and floor. The contemplator of the work as if moves deep into the picture through the rooms.

In balance of this movement, the artist paints a picture with deep night landscapes, while daylight shines in the living room. Ancient antique sculptures, placed along the wall of the room, seemed to freeze in time. They have something in common with the relaxed postures of the inhabitants of the house, gathered at a table for dinner. By the way, as characters, Tolstoy portrayed his own members of seven. All the details in this picture are made in the classical style: a vase, a chandelier, the clothes of the characters.

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