Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov "Summer in the country"

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov

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Krymov is called the artist of a happy creative fate - and this is true. He received recognition early and found his fans early - even when he was in his second year, he painted a picture that ended up in the Tretyakov Gallery.

At the same time, he had his own opinion on literally everything - his quotes, biting, accurate, are often mentioned, describing the mores of that time concerning painting, and some are suitable for all art in general.

"Write as you like, even with a finger, if only it would be good!".

“They ask me what is more important: color or tone? I answer: "Which leg is needed for a person, right or left?"

He considered art countable mathematically. He hoped to find a single standard that would help to objectively determine whether a picture is good or bad. He was in his own way a folly and never hesitated to say.

“In the Summer at the Cottage” is one of his paintings, painted finely, concentratedly, lovingly, as if the artist hoped to convey a feeling of joy, a feeling of well-deserved rest to anyone who looks at the picture. Small country houses, shaggy green trees. A shallow river, in which the water is grayish and seemingly mobile - glare run through it. Two people bathe, splash in shallow water.

A young girl in the foreground weaves hair, kicking in the water with her feet. Relaxed peace, summer evening - a pink sky peeps through the trees, hints at the sunset - when laziness stirs, when after a withering heat of the day you can only indulge in calm bliss.

Krymov perfectly conveys the feeling. Easily, effortlessly, allows you to feel in a strange place. It is easy to imagine how a girl braids her hair and slips into the water. Dive, disperse the wave, laughing, emerge and begin to play, raise the spray.

The sun will set. People will light a yellow warm lamp on the veranda.

Peace, crickets in the bushes. Summer. In the country.

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