Description of the painting Isaac Levitan "Bird cherry"

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan

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Landscape works of Levitan are distinguished by softness and smoothness of lines, sunny states of nature. Exactly the same features are presented to us by his early work “Bird-cherry blossoms”.

The central role in the composition is played by the tree itself. It is located in the center, its large branches reach almost to the edges of the composition, and white flowers flicker with bright spots. The key role in the work is assigned to the tree. The rest of the details are not given much attention.

To the left of the bird cherry tree is a piece of a dark, unprepossessing roof, which absolutely does not attract the attention of the viewer; to the right, distant trees look like a large dense green spot. The fence, painted under the bird cherry tree, merges into a single gray spot. Its individual details are not completely drawn, there are no clear lines or borders.

Choosing an image for his composition, Levitan wanted to convey through the bird cherry the approach of spring, the approach of joy, happiness, beautiful warm moments. Not for nothing that in Russia bird cherry was a symbol of life and youth.

It was believed that it relieves pain, suffering and accompanies love. In Slavic beliefs bird cherry is considered a May tree and a symbol of spring. Her flowering is always accompanied by the singing of birds, new love, dating and a variety of wellness ceremonies.

The flowering branches of bird cherry is a traditional decoration of the house. Spring warming, a new life and hope for all living things. Depicting in the center of his composition precisely blooming bird cherry, the author turned to popular beliefs and signs. He wanted to recall the upcoming spring, joy, fun and carefree.

Remind about the upcoming holidays, the imminent onset of summer, a fruitful harvest. The bird cherry symbol acts as a symbol of love of life, craving for the sun and all living things.

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