Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Church in the Reach”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Church in the Reach”

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Oil painting on canvas in 1888 in Plyos.

Style in painting: realism.

Levitan was a master of landscapes. His canvases are filled with incredible depth, imbued with the Russian soul. The reach is the place where the artist not only lived, but also drew inexhaustible inspiration.

The painting depicts the old lonely church of Peter and Paul. In the background are depicted no less lonely crosses of a forgotten cemetery. Levitan painted several paintings, where his beloved church was. He was incredibly happy in those places, about which he spoke more than once. It is a warm summer day.

The combination of white and blue tones gives the sky an incredible depth and liveliness. The artist painted it in the last rays of the sun. Levitan did not use a riot of colors, but everything in this picture is pleasing to the eye. It makes you think about the eternal and mortal world. A rickety fence in the foreground gives emotional anguish. Once this place served people, here they found their peace. Now it is forgotten.

Levitan painted this picture without distortion. It served as a pretext for writing another picture of the same church, “Above Eternal Peace” in 1894. After more than a hundred years, we can plunge at that time, understand and penetrate, like the artist with love for this place.

The Church on Ples helps the watchers remember that there is a religion in the world, and one cannot do without it. The canvas is very simple, but this does not reduce its invaluable contribution. The Peter and Paul Church burned down in 1903, but in its place there is a very similar wooden church. A huge number of people come to visit and pray there, believing that it is she who is depicted in the famous painting of Levitan.

The painting is stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

Levitan wrote to Tretyakov that he was not said to be happy that the paintings would reach him. He also said that the canvases written in Ples include all its contents and psyche.

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