Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of the Artist Levitan”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of the Artist Levitan”

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This is a long-known method when one artist paints another. They often do this so as not to lie to each other. Or just show yourself in different genres. Levitan rarely turned to the portrait image of the work, but Serov - more often and was a recognized master of portraiture. By the way, he painted a lot of paints and pencils portraits of his children, family and close friends.

He did it wonderfully and even after so many years one can only be surprised how beautifully, believable and almost easily the portrait could be made by the author. In general, the art of painting can be cruel, but it can also become flattery. It can give joy and upset for life.

Serov did not particularly seduce his customers of portraits; he immediately stipulated the condition of veracity and reliability of the depicted person on the canvas. And never did I change this rule. Actually, some other painters followed his example. The same Levitan, although he rarely painted portraits, tried not to lie to himself and to people.

And here is one of Serov’s works. Levitan early, by our standards, passed away and we can say that this portrait was created when his fame was already at its zenith and could shine even longer, but alas, death does not spare even the famous.

It is worth paying attention to the tired look. But this fatigue is not from life, but probably from work, from hard work, so as not to be a beggar and be able to feed his family. Levitan in the portrait is still young, but the wisdom in his eyes is extraordinary. Even the pose itself was not chosen by chance - we see the artist’s hand, his long fingers. These are the hands of a true master of his craft, to which Levitan devoted his whole life.

A high forehead, thick eyebrows and a thick beard - all this gives us the opportunity to take a closer look at his eyes. Longing, fatigue, wisdom and life are not a simple life “cocktail” of the painter.

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