Description of the painting by Peter Bruegel "Shadow Day"

Description of the painting by Peter Bruegel

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That's about whom one can say for sure that the author is a gloomy pessimist who does not allow bright moments in life. Alas, it seems that way. Whatever canvas they wrote - it is still gloomy, some dirty - gray. Maybe this is how he tried to influence those who saw these canvases. It is not known whether the simple public saw his creation, since it was in the Middle Ages, but if she did, then they were probably clearly in confusion.

Here, for example, this canvas belongs to the Four Seasons series, in particular, on this February-March canvas. That is, this is exactly the time when winter recedes, and spring arrives. And what do we see? First of all, we notice people, but so far only briefly. We look more into the landscape. But he is far from being so lyrical: a gloomy sky, the sea is clearly on the verge of a storm, and fog is falling from behind the mountains. And the snowy heights also do not inspire optimism.

The earth itself is light brown, but in principle everything is in this brown hue and works in this canvas. There are other colors, but they only increase a certain oppression. But back to the people. What are they doing in such weather? Someone work - cuts trees, collects brushwood, brought something on a cart. And someone just - just robbing his own citizen. Fun? For some, maybe yes, but obviously not for a simple layman.

The artist painted such canvases, perhaps five, or seven, or even all twelve canvases. It is not known for sure. But on the other hand, it is precisely known that such a series of canvases was also preserved in museums now there are five of them. Museum workers really still argue about the exact number of paintings.

They say that many of Bruegel’s works were lost, and therefore there is no exact certainty in many respects regarding his work. And then three Brueghels - a father and two sons. And over time, they even began to be confused. It’s good that now they have more or less sorted it out.

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