Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky "From the Rain"

Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky

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The rain has not yet broken out, but the air already smells of freshness, clouds appeared from behind the grove, which means that we must hurry. So the central character of Vladimir Makovsky’s painting “From the Rain” thinks. This guy is in the very center of the canvas. His features can be seen most often. The boy is curly, he has a piercing and funny look, a nose with a small potato and bright lips. He smiles so cunningly and arrogantly, as if he had made some kind of victory.

There are only seven children in the picture, only three are in the background. They dress slowly, as if deciding whether or not to wear pants and shirts after bathing in the river, because the rain will soak them all the same. They continue to look at the water, as if they want to have time to swim again.

But the main instigator is already dressed and is about to stomp home. There is not a shadow of fear of rain on his face, even if there will be a thunderstorm, but is this really an occasion for such a daredevil to be afraid. Nearby is his faithful friend, who is pulling his younger brother or friend from the shore.

He for some reason cries and does not want to leave, he still does not understand that he needs to have time to hide from the rain. Another boy stuck in the river sand. It may well be that he received right away from those guys who are bigger for bringing the little boy to tears. Such quarrels also happen in boys, but after the rain everything will be forgotten, everyone will reconcile and rush to swim in the river again.

And far, far - two more running figures. Perhaps these are girls running away from the rain, who bathed elsewhere, away from the bully and brawlers they consider boys to be. Above the girls you can still see the blue sky, which soon lead clouds are drawn. But it is this glade that gives the picture a good mood. The same as it is written on the face of the reddened leader of the gang.

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