Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmens Vann Rhine "Susanna and the Elders"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmens Vann Rhine

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This is an ancient history, as old as the world, but nonetheless relevant to this day. The beautiful Susanna was so charming and beautiful that she involuntarily seduced two old men. And then one day, when the beauty went swimming, two old men came out of the darkness and tried to make her go to them on the bed. But of course she did not agree to this. Then the elders decided to call the guard and give false testimony to the girl. But then Saint Daniel intervened in this matter and did not allow them to commit their vile atrocity.

Rembrandt did not show the ending of the legend on the canvas, he showed exactly the moment when the elders decided to attack. One of them, as we see, even managed to tear off the white cloak from the girl. But the girl herself is not discouraged, rather in anger and a little puzzled, because she does not know how to get rid of old boyfriends so that later it would not be embarrassing.

Please note that almost the entire canvas is dark - only the figure of the girl stands out as a bright spot and there is another bright spot - a red cape or dress, which is located just behind the girl. Actually, all her clothes are there: underwear, dress, flip flops. Yes, and the elders themselves, although fascinated by the damsel, but still afraid to be ashamed, and therefore still a little not decisive. In any case, the second elder is not in a hurry to help the first, he is cautious. Although the fruit is sweet and too tough, that’s why I want and prick. Although if you think about it, you could concede ... But then the legends would not work either.

The canvas is full of drama, in fact, like all the canvases of the artist. It is enough to recall how dramatic his picture is about the prodigal son. By the way, it’s also a biblical story, as in the case of Susanna. But if the latter is debatable among believers, then about the prodigal son, everything is right and still this legend is very popular.

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