Description of Claude Monet's painting “Alley”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “Alley”

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This artist always turned out to be surprisingly beautiful and at the same time light paintings. Even if something very gloomy was portrayed, it still gave hope for something bright in the future. So it is here. But here Monet somewhat departed from his work style - from impressionism. There is something symbolic in this picture. An alley is life, a person walking along it, perhaps the artist himself, who is walking through life and is already approaching its end. But at the same time, the avenue itself is light, brightly illuminated by the sun, shadows cover it, but not completely.

It is worth paying attention to the season - autumn. This is exactly the time when life fades. But interestingly, the crown of the trees on the canvas seems to be illuminated by the sun from the inside. It seems that they are as if rising to the sky. There is something metaphysical and extraordinary about this. This is another moment of symbolism on the canvas.

In general, Monet has several paintings depicting different alleys, but this one is symbolic. The rest is a simple image of a place for walking, but here the painter really surpassed himself. Which once again proves Monet's genius, his ability to do something else.

Monet was not always so symbolic. Often his portraits or landscapes were just peculiar proofs of the time. Impressionism itself is actually translated - the present. Artists of this direction painted, as a rule, what they see here and now. It turned out not bad, even more than not bad.

There was no end to visitors at the exhibitions and there was even a time when it was necessary to increase the hours of visiting the exhibitions. There were not so many impressionists, but alas, not everyone was able to remain faithful to this style. Monet is one of those who sometimes nevertheless departed from their direction, but more often returned. So it was actually with everyone, but not everyone had the wisdom to return to the roots.

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