Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “At the cottage”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “At the cottage”

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Korovin, performing an oil painting on canvas under the name "At the Cottage", managed to fulfill all his attitude to the world around him with maximum quality. The artist was able to convey very qualitatively to the viewer, through his picture, the unique daily routine of existence, he was able to convey a seemingly at first glance typical, everyday picture, which with its own appearance speaks about the essence of the artist himself.

It is also worth noting that to cope with such a difficult task, only a truly professional artist with outstanding skills to penetrate the essence, and not just transferring what he saw to the canvas, could manage. It must also be added that the canvas has great energy, and the master shows all the charm of Russian nature and puts it on the first step in his art.

Thus, a completely ordinary and everyday motive, develop into something unusual. So the viewer sees in appearance an ordinary woman who washes her hands on the threshold of her room in a country house. But, the whole problem is that this is not the fixed center of the picture, which the artist is trying to emphasize in front of the viewer.

The master places the emphasis precisely on the awakening of nature, after a night’s sleep, on filling with morning air all the visible space, thanks to which all the plants in the garden begin to wake up, which hides on the other side of the doorway. The master’s use of silver tones is currently particularly gentle and light.

Thanks to this shade, the artist also conveys rays from the sun, which slowly penetrate the room, filling and illuminating with itself everything around, including the figure of a woman. Thus, the artist seems to merge a woman and a green garden, putting an equal sign between them and at the same time extolling them.

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