Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "Manifestation"

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin

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Ilya Repin is a great Russian artist. He is well known to the public since school, but few people know about such work as the "Manifestation of October 17, 1905." The artist painted the picture back in 1907, as a response to the manifesto of Nicholas II of October 17, 1905. Repin himself said of his work that it was "... the movement of the Russian progressive society ... over the area of ​​a big city in the ecstasy of general glee."

Everyone who lived in St. Petersburg at the beginning of the twentieth century talked about the picture that it very accurately conveys the excitement and mood of the crowd.

The painting depicts the Russian intelligentsia - philologist V. Prakhov, actress L. Yavorskaya with a bouquet, critic V. Stasov and people who come with flags and banners. The artist seemed to stop time for a moment, he managed to convey the mood of the public caused by new state reforms. There is no deceit in his images; the author very accurately wrote out the character of the demonstrators.

Fashion is shown in the work: young ladies in hats, men in military uniforms. This detailed elaboration of the foreground allows the viewer to see, feel the spirit, atmosphere of that turbulent time. Repin was able to deeply realize the whole essence of the revolutionary protest and capture it in his film "Manifestation". The task that the artist set for himself is to convey the mood of the crowd, so the picture exudes strong emotions.

If you look at the compositional construction of the plot, you can see the typical influence of post-impressionism on the hand of the master. I would like to draw attention to the wide strokes, sloppy manner of writing, bright colors, picturesqueness and dynamics of the line. Repin could well have become an artist of a different style and composition. Not that he did not want, rather, time and society dictated their own rules. Creative people were constantly under strong pressure, this is especially characteristic of the first half of the twentieth century.

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