Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin "Northern Idyll"

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin

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After participating in the northern expedition of Savva Mamontov, the Russian artist Konstantin Korovin has an idea to create a series of paintings about the life of the North. Thus, from the artist’s brush in 1886, the painting “Northern Idyll” appears, because the painter was captivated by the beauty of the nature of the harsh northern region, as well as the purity of the soul of the local population.

The canvas shows the pre-night time: a month or so has already entered the slightly darkened sky. Everything turns green, the grass carpet is covered with wonderful daisies, the gentle melody of the pipe sounds, which the village shepherd brings out lying on the grass. Three peasant girls in brightly colored sundresses enjoy the coolness of the evening pore and sway slightly to the sound of the melody. The artist gave their faces both rigor and lyricism at the same time. And he perfectly conveyed with a brush all the splendor of folk patterns and details of the outfit.

The manner of the master’s sweeping writing reveals to our eyes the clearly defined figures of the girls against the background of a cloudy sky and low northern trees.

The main emphasis the artist made on red. However, it must be said that on this canvas Korovin harmoniously combines the contrast of three colors: white, green and red, which are so beloved by the Russian people. It turns out that the painter gave the painting a folklore trend, emphasizing the inextricable link of national beauty and nature.

True, the images of girls seem a little popular. Korovin himself felt that the figures somehow did not associate with the landscape, so he decided to reunite them with the beauty of white daisies on the green grass. Thus, the amazing beauty of the northern landscape brightened the current impression of a discrepancy, because in Idyll we have the opportunity to observe the saturation of colors even during the eve of the evening.

Having created such impressive scenery with his wide and sweeping strokes, Korovin presented us with a truly magnificent masterpiece.

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