Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky "Alekseich"

Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky

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The painting "Alekseich" was first shown by an exhibit of a traveling exhibition, the participant of which was its author Konstantin Makovsky, in 1882 and was rightfully included in the gold fund of Russian painting.

The hero of the picture is an elderly Alekseyich, not richly dressed, but pretty well: a slightly worn jacket, a white shirt and a bow tie, who arranged a small tea party with a samovar. Peace is expressed on his face, his eyes are lowered or even closed with pleasure. He drinks tea from a small saucer, which we see in his hands. We can also assume that this peasant decided to heal a cold from tea.

Other few elements of the picture are a golden samovar, the steam from which rose high up and filled the whole space; carelessly sliced ​​bread, a half-empty jar of jam and a folded towel on a tray; a table covered with a shabby and occasionally leaky tablecloth. In all this, it is not Alekseyich’s poverty or his negligence that is seen, but his ease and simplicity: this hot tea with jam is quite enough for his happiness.

The artist Konstantin Makovsky was once appreciated and was a fashionable and highly paid Petersburg portrait painter, who usually painted in the genre of academism. He painted colorful, simply magical female portraits that allowed him to earn a fortune and live a luxurious life. But he was no less interested in antiquity, which was reflected in his work and in the atmosphere of his home. And, of course, many paintings were painted by him in the "Russian style", which in the 80s of the 19th century was quite fashionable in Europe.

Sometimes he looked at the life of the previous centuries somewhat idealized, and he talked with many acquaintances a little from above, but this did not affect his work, which is truly worthy of all praise.

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