Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Dante"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali's painting "Dante" is one of the artist's illustrations for the work "Divine Comedy", depicting its author - Dante Alighieri.

Watercolor drawing looks simple and ingenious at the same time. There are no extra touches or shades. He depicts an Italian scribe and poet walking in an important and thoughtful pose (this is clear from the skilfully outlined folds on his robe). The light of the sun is shown by yellow rays in the upper left corner, and the blue waves behind the figure are most likely just a shaded part of the image, but perhaps the sky or even some plant is shown.

When we are talking about illustrations for the “Divine Comedy”, one cannot fail to mention the artist’s nine-year work, which, according to many researchers and experts, is the pinnacle of his graphic art.

Dali received an order for a series of illustrations from the Italian government in honor of the upcoming seventieth birthday of Dante (1965). Starting his work in 1951, the artist worked hard for 9 years to finish on time. But at some point, the Italian public expressed discontent and protested against the fact that the Spaniard was preparing illustrations for the works of their compatriot.

Despite the refusal, Salvador, who loves Dante's works, was able to find a way to publish his work. With the assistance of a good friend of Dali - Joseph Foret, as well as Le Eyur Clair (the project was carried out by his publishing house), the artist was able to finish his work in 1963. By the way, the master himself controlled the creation of three and a half thousand plates-engravings, which gave graphic images in quality comparable to paintings.

Thus, the most amazing illustrations of this surrealist artist might not have reached our days at all, but fortunately, everything turned out exactly as described above.

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