Description of the painting Arkady Plastov “Haymaking”

Description of the painting Arkady Plastov “Haymaking”

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Plastov's painting “Haymaking” was painted in the summer of 1945 and was first exhibited at the post-war All-Union Exhibition of 1946 at the Tretyakov Gallery. This was precisely the work that inspired the people, was simply necessary.

And although the war was a difficult test for the whole country, and its consequences were felt then for many more years, even then everything around rose from the ruins and returned to peaceful everyday life, which is captured in the picture. Although, the drama of this picture lies in the absence of strong men, most of whom were killed or maimed during the war.

Summer. Labor time for every villager. Everyone is ready to do their job: teenagers, women, and the elderly. There is no time to sit back - if you do not complete the work on time, you can pay with the harvest, on which the whole winter depends. And what do we see around? Bright, generous meadow flowers of all colors and shades festively rise in the green grass! Everything lives and thrives! And what graceful white-birch birches we see in the foreground!

Everything looks so natural that we also smell this sweet smell of flowers and herbs, and this is the buzzing of insects, birds singing and the soft rustle of leaves. And in all this riot of colors, the inhabitants of the collective farm are working: a thin guy working with his scythe quickly and actively; a woman who mows confidently and calmly; old people who do not quite fuss, but work no worse than young ones. As expected, everyone works wonderfully, embarking on work with zeal and enthusiasm. And in the distance, the landscape is cool and serene, but still bright in summer.

Plastov admires in this picture his victorious people who love work and are capable of anything for their homeland, and, of course, such a beloved, native land. Each element of the picture is filled with love and this delight, and they are literally transmitted to each viewer.

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