Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan on November 16, 1581” (Grozny kills his son)

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan on November 16, 1581” (Grozny kills his son)

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The canvas "Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan November 16, 1581" is one of the most famous works of the great Russian artist Ilya Efimovich Repin.

The artist came up with the idea for writing the canvas after the Rimsky-Korsakov concert, in addition, it is believed that the reason for writing it was the assassination of Tsar Alexander II and repression. This picture was not only a completely unexpected, innovative image of Ivan the Terrible, but also the most famous work of Ilya Repin.

The work amazes, scares and captivates the viewer with its vivid expressiveness and plot. Everything in it is eloquent and adds tension: the tone of the picture is either screaming blood-red, or dark and gloomy; murder weapon - a rod with a sharp tip, stained with blood; the chair fell, the carpet went astray, and in the middle sits a distraught old man with his murdered son on his lap. And yet, the whole extraordinary nature of the picture lies in these two figures.

A second clouding of reason forced the father to hit with a rod in the temple of his own son. Immediately realizing what happened, the old man rushes to his beloved heir, panically tries to squeeze a bloody wound with his hand, presses him to his face and kisses his forehead, looking into the distance with eyes full of horror and despair. He already realized that something terrible and irreparable happened ... It remains only to be amazed at how accurately Repin was able to portray the whole gamut of emotions and emotions that gripped the killer involuntarily at that moment. The victim in the picture, son Ivan, evokes compassion and pity in the viewer: his face expresses calm doom, and his posture expresses a complete lack of vitality.

The painting “Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan on November 16, 1581” depicts not just the assassination of his son by the tsar, but a tragedy reminiscent of the recent massacre of the people. Vivid images produced and are producing the desired effect on any viewer, leaving no one indifferent.

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