Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Spring. Big water "

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Spring. Big water

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Isaac Ilyich Levitan is a Russian artist, who is not without reason called the master of landscape. Despite his difficult life and difficult childhood with the early loss of his mother, Levitan did not stop seeing the beauty around and, moreover, he learned to convey his vision of beauty to others through painting.

The writer's dream in his young years was a trip to the Volga, which his beloved teacher Savrasov portrayed with such hope. The first trip absolutely did not impress Levitan, about which he did not fail to inform his friend Chekhov. But the next trip introduced the creator to a small town on the Volga called Plyos. Isaac Ilyich spent three years in it, having painted 200 paintings, which brought him fame and fame in wide circles. Like the artist, the town of Plyos became popular, and many landscape painters became interested in him.

"Spring. Big Water ”- a picture of Levitan, which depicts the awakening of spring. The painting was painted in 1897, three years before the death of the artist. The canvas depicts the awakening of nature from long hibernation, a sign of which, in the first place, is the flood. Water flooded the coastal zone, but despite this, there is no feeling that it is aggressive. On the contrary: the quiet and expanse of water fascinates. Amazing trees displayed in the water and a light sky covered with soft spring clouds. Subtle shades of blue, yellow and green give the picture a special touch. The most diverse is the blue color. In the picture, it is represented in all shades: from dark blue to almost white.

"Spring. Big Water ”is considered one of the most lyrical paintings of Levitan. She is very beautiful and attractive. Charms the moment of awakening of nature after a long hibernation. This moment is associated with something new in the life of every person, which, perhaps, captivates the fans of the artist.

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